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how to sell excess inventory

LiquidateNow offers you several options to liquidate or sell your excess inventory. Once we review the information you provide to us about your merchandise, we will propose the most efficient inventory liquidation option.

Via Trading is one of the nation’s leading liquidation companies with over 12 years in the industry, having liquidated well over a billion dollars worth of merchandise across dozens of product categories. Most of the items marketed and sold are typically done so well below the actual original production cost of the goods.

In general, LiquidateNow is more suited to vendors or businesses who are sitting on excess merchandise that they have tried to clear using their own channels and resources but can no longer sell and are ready to liquidate. Other reasons to use LiquidateNow would include the need to liquidate discretely and manage channel conflict.

Typical recoveries are always below cost and are at lower then FOB China rates for equivalent items.

Though LiquidateNow is suitable for the majority of product liquidations, at times due to the information available, the location of the goods or the quantity of goods to be liquidated, LiquidateNow may not be a good fit.

In general, our ability to evaluate and provide you with a proposal will be based on:

  • Type of merchandise
  • Condition of merchandise
  • Location of merchandise
  • Quantity of merchandise
  • Information available to the lot
  • Your specific needs/situation & reason for liquidating

4 Ways to Liquidate & Sell Excess Inventory:

Ship us the goods or keep them at your location

We market the load and find one take-all buyer

Receive payment once the load is sold and delivered*

Ship us the goods or keep them at your location

We split the inventory into even, more affordable lots

We market the lots and find several buyers to take a significant portion each

Receive payment once each load is sold and delivered*

Ship us the goods to the Via Trading facility

We process and repack the inventory into small, affordable lots

We market & sell them in small quantities to hundreds of buyers until sold out

Receive payments every week for lots sold


Ship the goods to Via Trading’s facility for processing and re-packaging into auction lots

Lots are auctioned live with no reserve bidding (no guaranteed recovery)

Fastest way to move product in any condition!

Receive payment once auction sales are paid in full


No matter the liquidation option used to liquidate your inventory, your products will benefit from the same widespread exposure and will be marketed in the following ways:

Website Listing

Listed, a liquidation website with over 100,000 unique visitors per month.

Industry Websites

Pushed through our network of 3rd party liquidation, surplus and wholesale websites, social media platforms and industry-specific online communities.

Showroom Display

Displayed in our cash & carry warehouse and showroom that welcomes over 5,000 monthly visitors.

Sales Team

Offered to new and existing customers on a one-on-one basis through our proactive sales team of specialized liquidation Account Managers.

Email Marketing

Marketed in attractive emails to an opt-in database list of over 135,000 wholesale liquidation buyers.

Trade Shows

Displayed and offered at closeout, liquidation and wholesale industry trade shows and exhibitions.